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During our regular Brujos meeting of December 11, 2010, The Board of Directors established the Honorary Membership Program.  Honorary Members are elected by the Board of Directors from among those who have rendered meritorious service to our club, been club members 15 years or more and have reached 70 years of age.

At the present time the following club members  have been elected:

Danny Espinoza -  
  4-9-1942- Peru
Founder Member.
Played since 1977  
Retired in Aug. 2010
Dave Apodaca
   3-21-1944 - USA
Founder Member
Played since 1977
Retired May, 2016
Eric Walter
12-23-1934 - England
Played since 1982
Retired in Sept. 2011
Nacho Perez
8-3-1937 - Mexico
Club Founder.
Played since1977
Retired March 2020
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