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This program was created to provide a quality alternative league soccer competition on a weekly basis. The program will run from 8:30 am to 10:30 am every Sunday at the Aragon High School turf field.
It was created for players 45 years of age and older. Players may choose to join the Brujos Masters Soccer Club, or may choose to participate on a week to week drop-in basis.

Members of the BMSC will have their playing spot reserved (conditionally) weekly, while drop-ins will be accepted based on space availability each week. In addition of tournaments in the USA, the Club Masters Soccer Club makes an effort every year to travel abroad. Members of the BMSC and their families have priority over outside players. Players wishing to join the BMSC must submit a completed application for review, consideration and approval by the Club Board of Directors.
- Obtain an application.

- Have a BMSC member sponsor you.

- Submit complete application.
- BMSC Board of Directors will notify you of the outcome.

- Pay the yearly dues.
All new players will be on a 6 month probation during which
they may be removed from the program (without a refund),
for repeated violations of the players conduct code as determined by the Club's BOD. The BOD reserves the right to accept, approve, or deny, any applications.


Sunday Games Rules

Members and Non-Members need to sign separate “Sign Up Sheets”.
More than 24 members are showing up on Sunday Morning Games, therefore we use the Membership List as to who plays - based on the first 24 members who sign in first. The 2 teams consist of 12 players per team!!!
Substitutions: Members are not required to substitute, this is voluntary.
If we have substitutions based on a large number of players, we will only substitute member players, otherwise a member may substitute with a nonmember if they wish to give up their shirt and no members are on the sideline. All members should make an effort to try and let all members get their fair share of soccer on Sunday and share the time on the field. We will try to be as fair as possible on Sunday, so far we have not had any major problems.

NONMEMBERS - There is no commitment in them playing or substituting unless we do not have enough members. Do to the cost of the fields being increased by the School District, we request a donation from non-member players of $10.00 to play.
The San Mateo Brujos Masters Soccer Club would like to emphasize the rule and regulations for our games on Sunday.

The purpose of this, is make sure we are having a good time, no one is getting injured, we are competitive but on a recreational basis and that we are improving and enjoying our Sunday Practices:

A member or nonmember not abiding by the Rules and Regulations will be subject to a warning, which could result in time off the field, not being allowed to play for 1 or more weeks, or requested not to return to Sundays Practices - based on severity of the offense and continuous negative behavior on the field.
Continuous violations of the established Brujos Rules by Members or Nonmembers will and could result in a suspension from the Club - such behavior will not be tolerated. Suspension time from the club will be determined by the Board of Directors.

 Tournament Requirements        (Rules & Regulations)

The San Mateo Brujos Masters Soccer Club would like to emphasize the rule and regulations for Soccer Tournaments. The following applies to Tournaments where Team is representing the Soccer Club.
1.) The Soccer Board will approve all requests to attend a tournament or trips where the club is represented.

2.) Attending a Soccer Tournament will be represented by a Team Captain             andTeam Manager.

3.) The Captain & Manager will present to the Board the details of the Tournament, which includes the team roster.

4.) The first selection of team players will consist competive Club Members. If there are not enough players from the Club, then quest players can be provided.

4.) The team should include no more than 18 players.

5.) The Team Captain & Manager will present to all players the following and regulations.

A.) Abide by Rules Set by the Tournament Host.
B.) Absolutely no fighting or violent play - this will not be tolerated.
C.) No slide tackling or purposely making a play that would injure a player.
D.) No abusive language or continuous "trash talking" to other/fellow players or the referee.
E.) Obey all calls by the Referree.
F.) Failure of any players not abiding by the rules may result in not being invited to future tournaments. If a member, this may result in futher action for Sunday Practice Games.

6.) The Rules and Regulations will be provided to each player prior to the trip.

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